Assent’s Seven Core Principles Lay Foundation for Growth

As organisations grow and evolve it’s important to maintain the core values that set the foundations for success in the first place.

At Assent we face the same challenges, which is why we have reaffirmed our commitment to building an organisational culture that supports our next stage of growth.

Here’s some of our team talking about our Seven Core Principles.


  1. Engaging & Collaborating

Engaging and collaborating is all about working with others for the good of us all. We engage with our customers, suppliers, competitors, the public and anyone else who has an interest or may be affected by what we do.

Our collaboration with AvISO Consultancy to produce a series of blogs on Exploring the Role of Energy in an Environmental Management System later became an event at The Shard in London, with BSI.


  1. Sharing Knowledge

Our team firmly believes the best way to improve the world is to make knowledge open and accessible wherever possible.

Our Lorators team builds free (and bespoke) online courses covering a variety of subjects from Information Security and GDPR to Quality and managing stress.


  1. Developing People

We care about the people we work and interact with, and we want to support them on their journey.

That’s why we invest in our team, funding training opportunities and providing creative time.


  1. Expert Assistance

We are dedicated to providing the best service to our clients, which means spotting threats early and providing expert support to managing them.

Our consultants are matched to the client based on knowledge, industry experience and location, to ensure we give the best added value service possible.


  1. Driven by Data

We believe data tells us everything we need to know to operate an ethical and relevant organisation.

The annual Client Survey and Consultant Survey gives us a wealth of information we use to identify areas we can improve, making small gains each year.


  1. Embracing Technology

When deployed correctly technology changes lives for the better and we want to take advantage of secure technology where it is appropriate.

For Example: We’re working on a new digital signage solution for your risk management needs.


  1. Secure, Sustainable & Resilient

Security, Sustainability and Resilience are the three threads that run throughout our business, both in the services we provide clients and in how we work day to day.  


Lauren Tobin
Lauren Tobin
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