Assent Supports Conservation with The Essex Wildlife Trust

Assent is a family run business. As a family we have always had an interest in nature and the wildlife, particularly in Essex, where many of our family members live and work.
Our interest in the environment led us to create a business, which helps organisations manage their Environmental impact. We support them through implementation and certification of ISO14001; Environmental Management Systems.

Organisations of all sizes and types can implement an EMS and achieve certification: in doing so they can identify and actively manage the aspects of their organisation which could negatively affect the environment, and can ensure they stay well within laws and regulations and introduce positive environmental effects. Not only does this lead to a more secure future for the environment but also for the organisation; an ISO accreditation helps processes run smoother, identifies potential problems, and sets you apart as a company that is working to be the best it can possibly be.We are very pleased that we have recently had the opportunity to directly support conservation by becoming corporate members of The Essex Wildlife Trust. The Trust manages a number of conservation projects, areas of nature, and wildlife habitats; re-invigorating and protecting them for the use of wildlife as well as considerate human visitors.

A network of businesses form the corporate membership database, providing support and spreading the word of the good work The Essex Wildlife Trust do in protecting our natural environment to be enjoyed for many more generations. There are networking events, function rooms and guided walks of the lands that are cared for by the trust.
Grant Maton, who has been liaising with us, says;

“The Essex Wildlife Trust is pleased to welcome Assent as an Investor in Wildlife Corporate Partner and looks forward to a future of working together to support wildlife conservation across Essex, securing the natural environment for future generations.”

We’re glad to be a part of such an amazing project.

If you would like to know more about a membership with The Essex Wildlife Trust, whether personal or corporate, visit or call 01621 862960 to speak to a member of the team.
If your organisation is considering implementing an ISO, please contact us for guidance: or 020 3432 2854.


Kathy Clements
Kathy Clements
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