Assent Information Services Keeps You Up-To-Date

ISO Consultants, Assent, launch improved information services technology to help you stay up-to-date with legal, regulatory and other changes.  

For many years we have provided clients with monthly legal update emails as an added value service. Several ISO standards include requirements for identifying and complying with relevant legislation, and our summary emails provide clients an easy way to stay up-to-date.  

In January 2020, we launched the first of several improvements designed to provide more compressive and targeting information for clients. 

Monitoring More News Feeds

Our analysts are monitoring more information feeds from trusted sources across the web, search and socials to identify more of the news that affects our clients, faster.

Aggregated into one central system shared by our team, we can more accurately manage larger volumes of data and quickly republish.

Utilising AI

We have taken the first step into Artificial IntelligenceI to prioritise stories for the attention of our analysts. 


We’re distributing information over multiple channels, so where ever you get your information from, you have easy access to our curated feeds.  

On the web including multiple channels on and

On our Social Accounts including @assenttech, @assentenviro, @assentsafety and @riskbriefing.

On targeted email briefings including Daily.Pulse, Monthly.Legal, Monthly.InfoSec, Monthly.Environmental and Monthly.H&S.

Better Content Targeting

We’re making our information feeds more granular, so that you only see the risk discipline(s) that matters to you.

Subscribe to relevant emails and social channels.

Bespoke Horizon Scanning

Our team can also curate bespoke information feeds to support your organisation’s Horizon Scanning activities for organisational resilience and business continuity planning.

Talk to our team about Horizon Scanning today.   


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