5 Ways Your Organisation Can Give Back to The Community!

Giving back to the community is key for a good reputation and brilliant for brand awareness. It also can provide excellent networking opportunities and attract not just new customers but new employees!

There are many ways your organisation can give back to the community, but not every organisation can find the time or have the funds to do so. We explore five different ways that work for a variety of businesses.


Sponsor a local youth team

Support local youth teams by providing them with the funds that they need to stay up and running. In return ask to have your organisation’s logo on their promotional materials such as banners, posters, flyers and uniform. This is a great method of brand awareness!

This is ideal for companies that don’t have much spare time on their hands as it requires minimal time investment.


Launch a charity drive

Struggle with time and money? Then a charity drive could be an option for your organisation! Have your organisation set up a charity drive for a charity important to your employees, such as a homeless shelter, food bank, charity shop etc, and ask your employees to donate food, clothing and other relevant items.


Have a charity collection jar at your reception/front desk

Another way to give back to the community that requires minimal time investment is to set up a charity collection jar somewhere in your organisation. Again, let your employees choose a charity that is important to your staff.

Place the jar in the busiest place within your building, such as a reception area/front desk.


Donate to a local school 

Some of your employees may have children which go to local schools, this could be another good opportunity to give back to the community – support local education by donating to local schools and even libraries.


Encourage employees to participate in sponsored charity events such as runs.

Ditch the shirts and ties and get your running shoes on! There are plenty sponsored runs and walks for different charities, you can even search for local ones here on Timeoutdoors! 

This is a great way to get employees together and you can post out the sponsor link on the organisation’s social media, website, blogs, newsletters etc – the list is endless! You can even sponsor employees who take part. 

Christmas 2018, members of the Assent team took part in Great Ormond Street Children Charity’s 5K Santa Dash. As well as taking part in other fundraising activities for the Charity, Assent raised £437.16 for G.O.S.H


There are endless ways your organisation can give to the community, you may even decide on multiple! 


Lauren Tobin
Lauren Tobin
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