Why Would You Want To Keep Working With Standards?

Here are 10 good reasons why,

1 – Create better services and products. 
Standards can lead to better quality services and products for your company. With better quality can come an increase in customer satisfaction and ultimately a more profitable business.

2 – Attract new customers. 
Effectively convince potential customers that you and your business meet the highest and most widely respected levels of quality, safety and reliability.

3 – Boosting your competitiveness.
Complying with standards could give an advantage over any competitors in the market, as many customers will also only buy from suppliers who have met particular standards for certain sectors.

4 – Trusting your organization.
Customers must have faith in the quality of your products and trust your organization. By having management system standards you can help to protect your reputation from issues such as data loss, environmental damage and business interruption.

5 – Reduce mistakes.
You will have specifications and methods that have been tried and tested, by using these you are much less likely to waste time and money on products/services that fall short of the required levels of quality and performance.

6 – Cut your costs.
Standards will give you inexpensive access to expert knowledge which will reduce the need for research and development. With management system standards you can increase efficiency and reduce waste, saving you even more.

7 – Keep compatible.
With standards you will be helped to reach the biggest possible market by ensuring your products and methodologies are interoperable with others. This is very important if your company is exporting to new markets.

8 – Comply with regulations. 
Using standards is often the easiest and most reliable way to meet UK and EU legislation requirements for product safety and environmental protection.

9 – Makes exporting your goods easier. 
Before many good are sold in the EU they have to meet the specifications defined by EU directives. These products usually need to bear the CE mark, achieving this will make it possible for you to sell your goods in EU countries including UK.

10 – Improve your chances of success!
Standards contain the consensus of industry experts on the best way of doing something. Taking advantage of this knowledge gives you a much better chance of success than going it alone.

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