Verify your Supply Chain with Supplier Audits

Why Audit the Supply Chain?
It can be very difficult to know if your supply chain is operating in line with the policies and procedures of your business, as each supplier operates independently under its own governance.

However, as a buyer, you may be able to identify opportunities to coordinate the supply chain, achieve cost savings and meet your own environmental or other objectives.

An audit of the supply chain can encompass:
– Environmental impact.
– Information security.
– Data protection compliance.
– Business continuity plans.
– Social impact.
– Technology compatibility.
– Knowledge and cross training.
– Price and value.

For example, software can be a point of failure, as compatibility and version issues arise causing extended cost and delivery times.

ISO 28000 – security management systems for the supply chain
ISO have also looked at security for the supply chain, providing a framework for managing risk and planning for deliberate or environmental threats. Ultimately aiming to minimise disruption.

An Impartial Audit 
Outsourcing the verification and monitoring of your supply chain has many benefits. Our auditors can design a programme to meet your verification and monitoring requirements, using some or all of the factors listed above.

We will ensure that the auditors are completely independent of your supply chain, so you can be assured that there are no conflicts of interests. The findings of our audit will be based on no-bias sampling as per the audit programme.

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Robert Clements
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