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Venga Global provides language and translation services for more than 100 different languages and has team members all around the globe. Assent faced a unique challenge in helping such a global company align their current QMS with the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Venga Global needed their ISO Certification in place in record time to comply with some large projects that they will be working on this year, adding another potential challenge to the project.

The parameters of the project were easily facilitated by an Assent consultant using remote screen sharing software, starting with a Gap Analysis to assess the processes and documented information that Venga Global already had in place. This was followed up with some consultancy to ensure that the requirements of the standard were met, and a mini-audit to confirm that the implementation had been successful.

Venga Global successfully achieved certification to the ISO 9001 standard ahead of their original timescale and with zero recommendations from the auditor.


Chris Phillips, COO Said:

We really appreciated the speed and commitment from Assent to help us meet our goals. They quickly understood our current QMS and were quick and professional in their guidance to realign us to the standard. The biggest benefit of using Assent was it removed the guesswork and I am sure it saved hours valuable time.


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