Our Talent team find the best professionals for our projects and conduct screening including insurance check.


Access to Assent1’s back office support for admin, finance, travel management and more.


Through our network of partners and associates we can offer access to range of training and other events to support continual professional development.


Work with Us

Our network of great people across the UK help us deliver the best consultancy, auditing and project management services to our clients.

Working in collaboration with Assent brings many mutual benefits.

Invoices Paid Within 30 Days

We know clients don’t always make payment within the invoice terms, but we commit to settle your invoice to us within 30 days – and our finance department handle any payment issues directly with the client.

Full BackOffice Support

Our office becomes your office, and you can rely on the central admin team to arrange appointments, liaise with clients and carry out other office functions

Why Work With Us?

Delivering a variety of services to a variety of industries in a variety of locations can be a challenge, but we have successfully managed this triangle of complexities through collaborations with specialist consultants.

How We Work

We maintain a relationship with people around the country including their skills, experience, certifications and location.
When a client needs a resource that we can’t meet in house, we look for the best match to the consultancy triangle in question.