ISO 27001 for Start Ups

UK Tech, Fintech and other startups are recognising the benefits of implementing ISO standards at the early stages of their journey.

Long considered a costly and paperwork heavy exercise, ISO has changed a lot since the introduction of Annex SL, a modern approach to Management Systems.  

ISO 27001 for Startups

Stakeholder confidence

Startups often succeed because they enjoy the freedom and flexibility to react to changes quickly, and implementing Information Security Management to ISO 27001 does not need to change that.

However, taking an internationally recognised approach to information security provides valuable assurance to customers, investors and staff in one of the most regulatory active areas.

The reputation damage caused by a data breach or business disruption can be severe.  

Added Value ISO 27001 Consultancy

Assent is experienced in working with tech startups across the country to identify and manage information security risks.  We understand the flexible nature of the modern work-space and how cloud services are used to enable collaboration.  We can help you implement the standard to personally suit your startup.

Our modern approach to consultancy takes a similar approach, using a combination of face-to-face and remote sessions, with issue tracking through our Risk Assist Service desk. We also use other, secure, online collaboration tools that give you access to more of our team outside of designated consultancy days.