Penalty Notice: Screen Unlocked!

You are here because you left your screen unlocked!

We value security very highly, and believe it’s very important to remind colleagues about the importance of security in the office. By leaving your screen unlocked, you expose not only your own personal data but your companies data too. You wouldn’t leave your smartphone unlocked and unattended on your desk, why would you leave your desktop unlocked?

What if a prankster went on your PC, opened your emails,  and sent out a company wide email inviting everyone to dance class? Or a rude message to the manager? An inappropriate message to a colleague? These are all real (and potentially damaging) plausibilities which can be mitigated by simply locking your screen.

Not only that, by leaving your screen unlocked you are effectively making all the information on that PC public – including logins, sensitive data, and private conversations.

Think of what information could be gained if a visitor to your workplace had access to an unlocked PC, and the scope of a data breach that could cause. Locking your screen might feel a little inconvinient, but it’s a very important habit to have so that sensitive data does not get in the wrong hands.