Occupational Risks

Meeting safety regulations in its self is not enough; Risks and all their aspects must be properly managed.

Risks can fall in to the following categories: Financial, Personal, Image (Media and Public) or Legal Action.

Catastrophic and major disasters often develop from small beginning that could have been easily prevented by proper corporate and safety governance. For example:

Fire can destroy businesses often with a costly clean up and serious business disruption.

Extends fire with catastrophic effects. It has no boundaries (for example in the case of Flixborough) it goes outside the business premises damaging people’s homes and small businesses.

Company Drivers share their workplace with the general public. Incidents are costly causing unnecessary harm, with no winners.

Workers can be at risk from their work as well as from themselves. Claims are common, expensive and easily won by employees. Human suffering and pain rests where it lies, and is always regretted, by both parties.

Involves all the above areas of harm, with many knock on effects to all involved.

Water, Air and Land Pollution. The polluter pays. The extent of damage is wide affecting the innocent. Also beware of improper waste management. “Cradle to Grave” The cost has a way of returning back on the owner. All of the above can cause fatalities to the people, the business, and is a cost that l always has to be paid.

Risk Management
Assets and Resources management. (Governance and Diligence) A prerequisite to all businesses that requires an achievable contingency plan.

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