How a River Could Soon Heat Your House

We have known for many years now that using gas comes with its own problems. Currently there are political issues regarding gas supplies, but the main concern is that it is a natural fossil fuel and is being depleted when there is not an unlimited amount. It also has dangers: faulty boilers can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, gas leaks can cause fires and explosions and gas fuelled cookers cause many a house fire.

However, there may be a solution to some of these problems: in an exclusive article on The Independent’s website, they detailed how natural bodies of water could soon be used to replace domestic boilers. It would involve plumbing houses up to a water source and attaching a heating device so that the water reaches its destination piping hot. Presumably the water would have to be filtered first too, or you could find yourself with radiators blocked with gunk and mud and you certainly wouldn’t want to shower or wash up with it.
Water would be taken 2m from the surface, and will already be slightly heated by the sun and warm currents. It will then pass through the heating pumps, continue to the residential dwellings, pass around the system (heating, showers, taps, washing machines etc) and return to the river, cooling as it goes, where the whole journey can start again. There are discussions underway about using solar energy to run the heating pumps and one suggestion is to find a way to concentrate the heat of the sun as though through a magnifying glass.

Japan and Scandinavia are already big fans of this water heating system, and the first trial in the UK will involve nearly 150 new build homes and a 140 room hotel. At the moment the system is still being developed as the water is not quite reaching the desired temperature; at least it would take less gas to heat it though.

The original article is here: … 10277.html

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