Public Resilience

Crisis Management

If you have an effective Horizon Scanning Programme, the likelihood of a crisis severely affecting your business should be significantly reduced.  However, not everything can be foreseen or planned for, sometimes unexpected events can create an existential threat the requires Crisis Management.

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Our Crisis Management services aim to deal with the consequences of a severe disruptive event, minimising the damage and the acting to recover from the consequences.

The types of crisis organisations face can vary, and may include:

  • Severe Adverse Weather Conditions: disrupting operations and presenting a threat to staff, customers ad the public.
  • Cyber Attack: leading to a breach of personal data, disruption or complete loss of technical infrastructure.
  • Reputation Damage: can come from many places but often the most damaging is is from within the organisation.  Responding correctly and ethically to damage the organisation has caused itself can be difficult.
  • Financial Threats: can arise from sudden changes in the market, or mergers and acquisitions.  Large, long-established companies can fall quickly when the market moves against them.

Different skills and expert knowledge is needed for each situation, but effective Crisis Management involves the co-ordinatio of these efforts including:

  • Scanning & Planning,
  • Training & Awareness,
  • Testing & Exercising,
  • Continual Improvement,
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