Marketing Intern at Assent Risk Management

Assent Risk Management has a proud tradition of supporting apprenticeships and internships, most recently through the Open University’s virtual programme.

The latest edition to our team, Jessica, talks about her experience so far:

Applying through OU

As a final year English student at the Open University, I knew that in order to start my career in Digital Marketing I would need to further expand my digital marketing experience. I found the Assent Marketing Internship on the OU Opportunity Hub, it was advertised as a remote 10 week internship, giving the successful candidate experience in content creating, marketing, teamwork and collaboration over digital platforms, project management and working to deadlines. 

After two successful interviews, I was delighted to be awarded the position, Assent were great with communication on what was expected of me and were quick to get me started in the position. 

OnBoarding Process

From my first interaction with Assent, communication was amazing, they were responsive and approachable. My first day interning was really focused on ensuring I was fully integrated into the company, learning about how they worked, what exactly my role was and what was expected of me. I was introduced to each team member and was given the chance to learn all about the roles each of them played in the running of the company. This made me feel like I was really a part of the team. Everyone was so welcoming and immediately I felt comfortable within my position, which helped me settle into my position quickly. 

Day in the life of

My intern days with Assent were Monday and Tuesday, each Monday morning I attended the weekly staff meeting, which was great to chat to everyone and be kept updated with what everyone was working on. Tuesday mornings were reserved for a weekly traffic meeting with the creative team, being a part of this meeting allowed me to understand how they approached marketing. I was also encouraged to share my ideas and brainstorm with the team to create and execute projects. Each day allowed me a great balance of working and collaborating with the team and also being able to focus on my projects, with support always available if I needed it. Alongside the projects and campaigns I worked on, I also got to help manage the social media accounts and update the website, giving me valuable experience of working hands-on with the daily marketing of the company. 

My Projects

Assent allowed me to take on my own projects, which meant that I could truly experience working in Marketing and also made me feel as though Assent trusted and valued me as an intern. My first project was to use my outsider knowledge to look at the perception of Assent and ensure their branding and company values were consistent. Collaborating with the Director Robert and Head of Creative Hayden, we were able to clarify and strengthen the company’s branding.

The second big project I worked on was Assent’s 20th Anniversary campaign. Within this project I got to create a video which featured the employees of Assent, celebrating how the company has grown. This project required me to interview employees, scheduling meetings and prepare questions for each staff member. I then used the footage to create a video which was posted to celebrate the 20 year anniversary. 

Overall experience 

My overall experience with Assent has been amazing, from the first day I was welcomed and was made to feel like an important member of the team. Even though the internship was remote, I never felt isolated or unsupported. I have gained valuable experience interning at Assent. Robert ensured that I was gaining the experience I felt I needed and allowed me to work on projects that helped build my skills, knowledge and experience to enhance my current work practice and future career. I’m grateful to Robert, Hayden and the team for allowing me to have such a positive experience as an intern.

Jessica Inglis
Jessica Inglis
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