Managing a Multilingual ISO Audit

The team at Assent Risk Management regularly manage internal audit programmes and ISO Implementation projects across many territories and time zones.

With the support of our central admin team and our expert consultants we have the flexibility to facilitate online meetings with clients wherever they are, from India to the USA.

However, while the vast majority of these meetings are conducted in English, sometimes our clients have a specific need to conduct sessions in another language, either for the comfort of the auditee or to get the most from the content.

Where this is required, Assent is happy to work with Language Service Providers to facilitate Multilingual ISO Audits.

Translation of ISO Documents

It’s important that our auditors can understand and critically evaluate the documentation being presented.  While there are online translation tools available, this can lack context and make it difficult to audit large volumes of text.

If documentation can not be provided in English we work with you and a third-party translation company – ahead of the audit – to translate relevant texts, or use a local auditor to complete those sections of the programme.

Alternatively, if your ISO Management System documents need to be translated and localised for your international branches, Assent can help you project manage the translation process with our third-party partners.

Interpreting Services for an ISO Internal Audit

Our auditors use interviews and process observations to gain objective evidence of compliance across the whole scope of your system.

This means working with auditees from across your organisation, including those in different territories or with a different first language. 

If required, we can work with a third-party interpreter during the audit either in-person or remotely within a video conference setting, to facilitate the audit in real-time.

This includes the use of Sign Language via video call.

ISO Management System Localisation

It’s important to localise your management system in-order to ensure it remains effective, however there are many areas when the implementation of a clause will differ depending where you are operating.  Some key regional differences might include:

  • Legislative Landscape & Specific Laws,
  • Approach to Contracts (with clients, suppliers & staff),
  • Employee Screening Regimes,
  • Insurance Requirements.

While much of this local knowledge can be shared by your team, we will also identify if there is a need to bring specific experts to ensure the internal audit programme can meet its objectives.  This is part of our programme management time assigned to your project. 

Through third-party partners, we can also help you adapt your management system to encourage adoption throughout your organisation.

Choosing Quality Translators & Interpreters 

Our partners are selected carefully to ensure they provide a high quality of service and are able to operate within Assent’s policy framework, for example observing our safety, environmental and information security policies.

One way we minimise the risks when choosing language service providers is by selecting Members of professional bodies, such as the UK’s Association of Translation Companies.

Book a Multilingual ISO Audit with Assent

If you are planning a multilingual ISO Management System or need internal audits conducted in multiple languages, contact our team at Assent.

We can project manage your ISO implementation and develop an effective audit programme to meet ISO Certification requirements.

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