Journey Feedback Results 2016

Thank you to everyone who responded and provided constructive feedback. We were pleased with the responses and believe that as we scale up we have managed to maintain the high levels of service including Good Knowledge, Fast Responses and Product Development.

Consultants Vs Office Team

This year we recognised the different customer experiences across our ‘Front-Line’ Consultancy team and our ‘Back-Office” Team, who each engage with our clients differently.

We were delighted that across both areas 100% of respondents rated their overall satisfaction as either Excellent or Good. However the office team had a slightly lower excellent rating than our consultancy team. This is a great driver of internal competition and our office staff are already planning to raise their profile with clients.

Still Approachable

Our approachability ratings remained strong in 2016 with 100% of respondents rating us either approachable or very approachable.

New Services in 2016

In 2016 we launched two new services which were quickly adopted by our clients with excellent feedback.

Risk Assist Service Desk

Our risk assist service launched early in the year with the intention of providing access to our consultants outside of the scheduled visits. This quickly became a valuable resource for customers who needed assistance responding to tender questions and creating certain policy documents.

Read More about Risk Assist.

Digital Audit

Later in the year we added a Digital Audit service to support our clients in maintaining their management systems. The digital audit service provides useful reminders about key management system tasks such as dates of testing or management review meetings.   This service proved extremely popular with clients, many of which added their own reminders, which raise a ticket within our Risk Assist Service Desk.

Donna Clements
Donna Clements
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