Journey Feedback Results 2015

During late October/early November 2015, as part of our Assent Journey Project, we engaged with our existing clients and asked for their feedback on our service.

It’s important to us that we live up to our PRIDE values which are to be Progressive, Responsible, Independent, Dedicated and Expert.

Journey 2015We are pleased to present the results of our client survey, as part of the Assent Journey below. And we extend our thanks to all of our customers who took part in this exercise.
If you didn’t and would like to give us your feedback, we would welcome it at any time.

What Do Our Customers Think?
We are thrilled to announce that 100% of our customers surveyed, have answered that they are more than satisfied with how approachable they find us here at Assent, with over 85% describing us as ‘Very Approachable’ and the rest exclaiming that we are ‘Approachable’.

What do our customers think of our communication?
It was interesting to learn that the majority of our contacts are not actively engaging with social media, either because of internal social media policies, or due to lack of time, so our posts are often not seen.

Nonetheless our information emails are considered to be “Useful and Informative” by those who read them. With the Industry Updates and Changes to Legislation emails and blogs being considered the most useful and relevant to those surveyed.

We wish to continue to be helpful to you, long after we have completed the work, so we will continue to focus on providing these useful updates, with an appreciation that you are busy, so ensuring that we grab your attention by using relevant subject headings for these emails. If you do not receive these emails, but would like to please: CLICK HERE.

We were delighted to know that 100% of our customers who responded would recommend us happily, and many already have. In our field, a word of mouth referral is the best lead we can possibly receive, so we are very grateful for all recommendations. We are not restricted geographically, so please feel free to pass on our details to anyone who may need our services at some point.

Our Verdict
Although we are mightily pleased with the responses that we have received from Our Journey Project 2015, we are always looking to improve! We would like to extend our gratitude to those who completed our survey and we welcome any feedback, whenever you or your company would like to give us some.

We have more plans in the works, so watch this space!


Robert Clements
Robert Clements
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