ISO 45001 Consultants in Cambridge

Our ISO 45001 Consultants in Cambridge can help organisations implement an occupational Health & Safety Management System, and achieve recognised Certification.

ISO 45001 Consultants in Cambridge

Occupational Health and Safety Management

What is ISO 45001?

ISO 45001 is the internationally recognised standard for an Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

Key Themes of Occupational Health & Safety Management

Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment & Control

Risk Hierarchy. ISO 45001 ConsultantsThe standard sets out basic requirements for meeting your legal obligation to identify, assess and manage risks to health & safety.

It includes the principle of the hierarchy of controls which requires you to attempt to eliminate the risk first and use PPE only as a last means to treat the residual risk.

Legal and Other requirements

As in some other standards, ISO 45001 asks you to establish a procedure to identify and manage the legal and other requirements that are applicable to the organisation.

Our legal compliance audit and risk briefing information service can help you manage this area of the standard.

Participation and Consultation

Health & Safety is a culture that people at every level of the organisation need to buy in to.  The standard requires methods of participation and consultation to ensure that the risks from all parts of the organisation are controlled.

Occupational Health and Safety ConsultantsThis might include Health & Safety Committee meetings as required by the Safety Representatives and Safety Committees Regulations 1977 (as amended); and the Health and Safety (Consultation with Employees) Regulations 1996 (as amended).

Incident & Accident Investigation

Many organisations are aware of the need for an accident book, but the standard requires you to consider a formal process for investigating and managing incidents including learning lessons from occurrences.

Externally Accredited

Having your Occupational Health and Safety Management System externally certified by an external UKAS accredited assessment body demonstrates your commitment to health & safety and can give you a significant advantage when tendering for contracts.

More importantly, it provides a ‘fresh pair of eyes’ to help drive the improvement process and ultimately reduce risks to employees and the public.

We will help you choose a certification body and guide you through the process. Find out more About the ISO 45001 Certification Process.

ISO 45001 Consultants in Cambridge – How we can help.

Assent Risk Management has ISO 45001 consultants who can help you implement an Occupational Health & Safety Management System and achieve certification.


We will work with you to build a system that meets the needs of your organisation, protects your stakeholders and demonstrates legal compliance.

It’s Not All Paper Work
We are experienced in implementing ISO 45001 Management Systems and can keep the paperwork to a minimum, ensuring you get maximum benefit from the standard.

Integrated Management Systems

ISO 45001 follows the Annex SL common clause structure, making it easy to integrate with other standards.

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