ISO for Start Ups

During the infancy for a business ISO might not be top of the agenda, however there are compelling reasons to implement management systems and achieve certification early on.

Don’t get in to bad habits.
Bad habits can easily develop around day to day business issues such as quality, environmental and health and safety. ISO management systems are a relatively simple and time efficient way to manage these issues.

Access larger contracts quicker
The procurement process for larger contracts often recognises ISO certification in the decision making process.

It can also save time in preparing a tender because rather than providing individual evidence of compliance, ISO certification is an independently audited mark of your arrangements.

Prepare for Growth
ISO management systems provide a scaleable framework for you business as it grows.

Look for Grants
There may be publicly funded grants available for your business to help with the cost of ISO implementation and.or certification.

Talk to consultants and certification bodies
Many consultants and certification bodies will be able to provide a package for start up and small businesses to enable them to achieve ISO certification at a reduced cost.

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Robert Clements
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