Collaboration for Small Businesses with ISO 44003

New guidelines have been published to support the application of  ISO 44001, the international standard for collaborative business relationships, within micro, small and medium-sized enterprises: ISO 44003.

Assent’s ISO Consultants have seen interest in this structured approach to managing collaborative relationships increase through public sector requirements and their associated supply chains.

However, while it can be applied to small organisation, ISO 44001 is not easily adapted and this has proved a barrier for smaller suppliers.

New guidelines in ISO 44003 can now be applied to make collaborative business relationship management effective for 

So we welcome the new ISO 44003 guidelines which we can now help SMEs apply.

Thought ISO 44001 Wasn’t for you?  Think Again!

Relationship Management

The ISO 44000 series of standards provides a framework for formalising and managing relationships, including any risks associated.

ISO 44001 can be certified by a number of accredited bodies and forms part of some public sector tenders.

The standards consider the whole lifecycle of the relationship from establishment to completion.

ISO 44003 Consultants

Our ISO 44003 Consultants have broken apart the ISO 44003 to fully understand how it applies to ISO 44001, so we can help you build an effective framework and achieve ISO 44001 Certification, adopting the ISO 44003 Guidelines.

Give ISO 44001 a Second Chance.

Robert Clements
Robert Clements
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