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ISO 31700-1 provides high level requirements for Privacy by Design to protect privacy throughout the lifecycle of a consumer product.

What is ISO 31700-1

On January 31st 2023, the International Standards Organisation (ISO), published ISO 31700-1:2023, on Privacy by Design for consumer goods and services. Privacy by Design (PbD) was introduced as a concept back in 1995 by the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, Canada, with the goal that privacy should be integrated into products, services and systems by default.  

Today, PbD is now a legal requirement under many prominent privacy regulations across the world, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  

The ISO 31700-1 standard provides guidelines for organisations to take into account the privacy of a consumer throughout the design, development and the rest of the product lifecycle.

The aim of the standard is to help organisations protect the privacy of personal data and ensure that their products and services are in line with relevant privacy regulations.

Who is Eligible

ISO 31700-1 is compatible with those staff of organisations and third parties, who are responsible for the concept, design, manufacturing, management, testing, operation, service, maintenance and disposal of consumer goods and services.

Benefits of ISO 31700-1

  • Supplies manufacturers with a tool which they can demonstrate that their products, safeguard the personal information of consumers,
  • Reinforces risk management,
  • Helps manufacturers consider privacy by design from the outset,
  • Eases market access,
  • Helps manufacturers meet common sectoral or supply chain requirements for privacy by design in consumer products,
  • Increase consumers’ trust in products,
  • Reduces the likelihood of compliance breaches.

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