Implementing ISO for the Information Age

It’s been almost 30 years since ISO 9001, the International Standard for Quality Management was first published, and although there were standards before this, it’s widely recognised as the beginning of the ‘assurance culture’.

Very quickly consultants with knowledge of the standard started to offer their services to companies who needed to provide Quality Assurance to their customers, and since then the number of standards and consultants has continued to grow.

Buying a Ring-Binder Full of Policies

We hear from many people who tell us about the huge amount of paperwork they had to support their ISO 9001 Certification in those early days.

Hiring a Quality Consultant could feel more like buying a ring-binder full of policies and procedures that might have had the company’s name inserted, but had little resemblance to the company itself.

ISO Re-Imagined

When we entered the ISO consultancy market things were still pretty similar, with systems that sat in a folder on a shelf and consultants who were reluctant to share information for fear of losing their earning potential.

Arriving from an I.T. background, thankfully, we understood things differently.

Knowledge is Freely Available

If you need to know something, an Internet Search will tell you. Of course there is a skill to sifting through the content and ensuring you are reading from a reliable source, but given enough time and patience it is possible.

Through articles, blogs, forums, videos and just ‘borrowing’ from other websites, you can pull together all the documentation and knowledge of any standard you need.

The only ‘price’ is your time.

Our Approach to ISO

So recognising that it’s not documents or knowledge that we are ‘selling’, what is it?

Still one of your most valuable commodities, we save organisations hours of research by providing the best information, in the right format for you.

We work with many organisations in many different industries, so if you’re faced with an ISO obstacle it’s likely we have worked it through before. A complex ownership structure, 3rd parties sharing your resources, organisations that sell nothing – we’ve dealt with it!

Friendly Reminders
Through in-depth knowledge of our clients, we’ve established a Digital Audit Programme, which captures data such as renewal dates, and uses our Risk Assist Service Desk to provide friendly reminders – serviced and monitored by our professionals. Just one of the ‘added value services’ our clients love.

Looking at things from a distance can sometimes help, and as our only goal is to make things better for your organisation, you can be confident in our reliable and impartial approach – which happens to be a requirement for Internal Auditors within the Standards.

Most importantly, we are your partners in protecting your people and your organisation, helping you to achieve measurable improvements and compliance.

How Can We Help You?

Contact our office to discuss how we can help you make the most of ISO Certification.


Robert Clements
Robert Clements
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