How do we Calculate Carbon Emissions from our Audits?

As part of the Clemark Group TOGETHER programme, Assent is committed to reducing the carbon emissions generated by our business. 

However, we also understand that even our best efforts can only reduce emissions so far, and there will be an impact from operating our business.

Although we account for emissions from activities across scopes 1, 2 and 3, this blog focuses specifically on emissions from our audit activities.

What Emissions Do We Measure?

Our group footprint includes the following emissions. Those with an asterisk (*) are directly relevant to delivering audits:

Scope 1

  • Consultant Travel to Clients* (Direct)

Scope 2

  • Consultant Travel to Clients* (Indirect)
  • Electric Vehicles*.

Scope 3

  • Refuse Waste from Office.
  • Electrical Waste.
  • Business Flights*.
  • Hotel Accommodation*.
  • Homeworking (office equipment + heating)*
  • Data Centre Energy.

How Do We Calculate Emissions from Audits?

We have built carbon emission calculations into our Contract Tracker tool to ensure it is part of our normal business processes.

That means for every day our consultants and auditors work, we have calculated the corresponding emissions from their travel, accommodation, working from home and any other aspects.

We use the “​​UK Government GHG Conversion Factors for Company Reporting” conversion factors, which are updated annually.  

Where possible we use the CO2E figures, to account for carbon and other greenhouse gasses.

How do we Minimise our Environmental Impacts?

For each of the activities that produce emissions, we first consider whether we need to conduct that activity.  

If the activity is required, for example conducting an audit, we then consider the most carbon-efficient method of achieving this.

For example, we consider working-from-home vs onsite, and the method of transport.

We share this information with our clients so that they can also support our objectives.

Carbon emissions are only one environmental aspect to manage, and we operate an environmental management system as part of our Clemark Group TOGETHER programme.

How do we Offset our Emissions?

Every month we work with Ecologi to plant trees in the UK & Abroad to help offset the carbon impact of our activities.

You can see the location of our trees, and the projects we support, on our Ecologi Clemark Forest page.


To find out more about our carbon management programme or to talk about managing carbon in your business, please contact us.

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Robert Clements
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