GDPR Workshops

Our GDPR Workshops provide a flexible approach to knowledge transfer, informing your team about GDPR requirements in relation to your actual exposure.

The sessions aim to cover each section of the General Data Protection Regulations, including the six privacy principles, and provide an update on current UK guidance.

There’s no need to have completed any preparation work before hand, our team can provide a general overview workshop with time for questions and discussions built in.

Tailored GDPR Programme

However, if you have opted for a Data Flow Audit and/or Data Protection Audit previously, our GDPR Consultants can create a much more focused workshop your your key staff.

What Next

The GDPR Workshops can serve as both awareness for key managers, and a driver to focus attention on weaker areas of your data protection compliance regime.

We can work with your after the session to improve your documentation and processes as required.

Book a GDPR Workshop

Our GDPR consultants have a wealth of experience helping organisations comply with the current Data Protection Legislation, and have prepared extensively for GDPR and the UK Data Protection Bill.

Our Workshops are currently based on accepted best practices and the limited amount of guidance currently available from the ICO. You should note that until the Data Protection Bill [link] has passed in the UK Parliament, no-one can be entirely sure of the UK requirements, nor how ICO intend to enforce it.  We will be updating customers as things become clearer.

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