ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme) Meeting the Dec 15 Deadline

The ESOS deadline of 5th December 2015 is fast approaching and we’re seeing a spike in interest through our web, email and telephone channels as organisations look for available Lead Energy Assessors to undertake the required assessment.

It’s not too late to collate the required evidence for our lead energy assessors to analyse and produce a compliant report, including energy saving opportunities.

What’s Involved?

The ESOS assessment must identify significant areas of energy consumption that account for at least 90% of that used by the business. Generally this means electricity and gas used by buildings, fuel for vehicles and transport, and other energy used by machinery or industrial processes.

The report must include twelve months of verifiable energy data, analysis of energy efficiency and identification of energy saving opportunities.

There is also a requirement for the assessment to be conducted by a lead energy assessor, accredited by one of the organisations listed in the ESOS Regulations.

Deadline Delay?

The website, currently (accessed on 12th Oct 2015), still shows the original deadline of 5th December 2015 and with surveys suggesting a significantly large number of eligable UK entities are yet to submit the required report regulators, the Environment Agency, have not ruled out taking enforcement action.

Going to Miss the Deadline?

However, if you think you can’t produce the required report in time for the 5th December 2015 deadline, we can still help you manage ESOS compliance.

The Environment Agency (EA) has recently issued guidance to those who won’t be compliant, stating that organisation should inform the EA before the deadline and explain why the deadline will be missed.

Although we advise you not to delay, we can help you manage a situation that could lead to enforcement action, and plan the quickest route to compliance.

Implementing ISO 50001?

If you are implementing an ISO 50001 Energy Management System but believe this will not be certified by a UKAS accredited body before the deadline, the Environment Agency says the following:

“For organisations committing to achieving compliance through ISO 50001 certification, enforcement action will not normally be taken as long as notification is received by 30 June 2016.”

While this is not a guaranteed extension, we can help you plan an efficient route to certification.

More Information

– Guidance. ESOS.

– ISO 50001 Energy Management System: 

– ESOS Legislation: Quick Notes: … 021-120146


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