Improving the skills, awareness and compliance of your work force is essential for their work life and for advancing your business. The business environment is constantly changing, especially with the implementation of an ISO, and your employees need to be able to understand the requirements that apply to them.eLearning - tree

There are a number of solutions to this; “tool-box-talks”, awareness sessions, knowledge sharing, even formal education. However, in the current climate of “too-much-work-not-enough-time”, there is one particular solution that is growing in popularity: eLearning.

eLearning is based online, with courses designed to fit into busy work-life schedules. Courses can be designed for access in stages, and monitoring the progress of the learner is easy. The course can be completed at the learner’s pace or can be dedicated a time slot for completion.

However, there is no opportunity for discussion in the way there would be in face to face environment. For this reason, the learning design needs to be well planned as learners will only have the written or spoken word and images to help them understand the training, and the training material needs to be presented in clear and unambiguous language. Simplicity and transparency are important.

However, investing in a full Learning Management System can be costly for a small business.

We offer a range of low cost solutions to get your staff trained in a variety of subjects, including the requirements of an ISO system. Training can be conducted online, and we are able to provide training records and certificates as evidence of taking part.

A number of free, short courses are available through our Digital Lorators LMS, and we offer a range of specially designed solutions to meet your needs through our Bespoke LMS Service.

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