Data Integrity Saves Lives

When clients ask us to help them implement and maintain a quality management system (ISO 9001) there is one point that polarises opinion. Calibration.

Measuring, monitoring, cutting and plotting tools are just some examples of the items that might require calibration however, this comes at a cost and an inconvenience.

Many clients tell us that uncalibrated equipment does not affect the end product, or that there is tolerance for a slight deviation from design.

Others though, tell us it is imperative to definitively know that the in product is correct to the design.

Industries such as aerospace, automotive, construction and medical rely on data being correct – lives really do depend on it.

Big Data
The amount of data being collected is ballooning, creating a real challenge in terms of storing, searching and analysing it.

Small inconsistencies can multiply up to become considerable differences almost instantly, but without checking the data, an entire project could be at risk.

Data Verification and Auditing
A data verification and auditing programme is one tool that can be used to try and spot costly errors.

The programme should sample:
The quality and relevance of input data.
The purpose and control of processing the data.
The integrity of output data, is it fit for purpose.

Sampling data at various stages of the process can help identify a breakdown in the system.

Assent Risk Management has been working to reduce risk in the areas on information security, the environmenthealth & safety and wellbeing through robust management systems and verification audits.

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Robert Clements
Robert Clements
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