Vulnerability Scanning

A cost-efficient assessment of your networks – so you can rest easy that you are one step ahead of the hackers.

Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability Scanning


In 2018, over 16,000 new software vulnerabilities were discovered. More than 4000 of these were deemed to have a “high” or “critical” severity. New flaws in commonly used software are uncovered every day and good luck only lasts so long.

Our security team can find and help you understand the gaps in the walls of your fort and give you confidence that you are safe from the constantly evolving threats of the cyberscape.

Our tried and tested vulnerability assessment will enable you to understand the risks that your current system has, and we will provide you with all the support you need to patch up these vulnerabilities, wrapping it all up nicely in a neat report so you can relax knowing all the hard work has been done for you.

This is the kind of data you can expect to receive with your report, along with recommendations on how to remediate any issues.


What are the benefits of a vulnerability assessment?

It provides a snapshot of the flaws in your security and gives you pointers on how to patch them up. Data breaches happen all the time, so a vulnerability assessment can make sure that if you become a hacker’s next target, then your assets and business remain safe.



CostA competitive edge in tender

Scanning your website for vulnerabilities provides your clients with peace of mind knowing their data is secure, and it shows that security is important to your company.


Attack SurfaceSecuring your attack surface

Hackers are constantly scanning and searching for exploits. We give you confidence and security that your business infrastructure is safe and sound, and if we find anything, we’ll let you know immediately.


Peace of MindPeace of mind

Data breaches devastate businesses. Our vulnerability assessment helps you to relax knowing your data is safe.



We offer two types of Vulnerability Scanning:

■ Black Box Scanning

We’ll scan your website from the outside and explore vulnerabilities – just like a cybercriminal would.

□ White Box Scanning

We’ll scan your website from the inside, testing the security of your software and operating systems on your server, making sure everything is secure.

Want to find out if your network is really as secure as you may think?

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