Customer Feedback 2023

‘One Team, One Dream’  
That’s what we always say at Assent. Working as a team and all pulling in the same direction is what helps us get the results we all strive for. 
Business at Assent has grown year on year as we prove our capability across the consultancy industry. 
And once again I am proud of everyone on our team!  
Always working from a client centred approach and striving for excellence. 
We have again received some fab customer feedback results for 2023 – Happy clients is the biggest show of success, so we celebrate this! 
Well done team! Here are some of the results and feedback from our clients; 

100% Client Satisfaction 
With 96% of those who took part were EXTREMELY SATISFIED with the overall service Assent has offered! 

100% of those taking part would recommend Assent 

Here are some of the comments given from clients, taken from the survey 2023;  

“I have been working with Assent for many years now, and have nothing but praise for the company, its employees and the way it conducts itself. The work Assent does for us has expanded this year and while it has been trying at times, the support and assistance I’ve received has been above and beyond.” 

Brett – Delivery Company 

 “Robert and the team have been consistently amazing, a real pleasure to work with you all” 

Jon – Logistics Company 

“Our experience was that we received a very professional & friendly service…”  

Tim – Distribution Logistics Company 

‘We have worked with Assent for a number of years including this past year which has been extremely complex following an acquisition and the next assessment falling before we were completely ready. The Assent consultant has taken us calmly and pragmatically forward to what is hopefully a successful result.” 

Frank – Cloud Infrastructure Company 

“As a certified ISO 27001 internal auditor, it’s important for me to get external insights from other professionals, to help me avoid having any blind spots, and to give my organisation the best possible service. Assent’s highly capable external auditors provide exactly that – the feedback I need to keep me on my toes, along with helpful suggestions or different perspectives to the same problem. Thanks ☺” 

Christoan – IT Company 
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Donna Clements
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