COVID-Secure Consultancy

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way organisations operate and there are now additional duty-of-care and health & safety requirements for employers to meet.

Our Health and Safety Consultants monitor changes in legislation and Coronavirus guidance to provide COVID-Secure support for our clients.  

We can help you safely reopen your sites and manage operations in a COVID-19 environment.

COVID-Secure Consultancy

COVID-Secure Management Plan

Our Health and Safety consultants can work with you to produce a Comprehensive COVID-Secure Management Plan for your organisation and premises which includes:

  • COVID-Secure risk assessments for your locations,
  • Survey of physical areas including photos,
  • Document the employee journey through your site(s),
  • Document third-parties’ journeys through the site(s),
  • Document applicable controls as per Government Guidelines.


COVID-Secure Risk Assessment

As with any health and safety issue, a risk assessment will identify who could be harmed and which controls can be implemented to manage the risks.

Additional government, and other, guidelines can also be used to identify control measures.

Our consultants can support your entire Health and Safety risk management programme including advice on COVID-Secure controls for working safely during the pandemic.

COVID-Secure Physical Site Audits

Before reopening physical locations such as offices, warehouses, factories, shops, hotels, restaurants etc organisations should ensure that all relevant controls are in place to protect employees and the public.

Our health and safety consultants can provide a physical site audit to help you reopen and operate safely.

Safe Working Guidelines

The UK Government has issued guidance to help employers, employees and the self-employed to work safely during the coronavirus pandemic.

In addition many industry associations and standards bodies have issued more detailed and specific guidelines.  

Our consultants can help you interpret and implement these guidelines to become COVID-Secure.

Read how to Manage Coronavirus risks using your ISO Management System.

Competent Person Support

Our competent person service gives your access to competent health & safety advice under Section 7 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 which requires organisations to have access to competent Health & Safety advice.  

For a small monthly fee you can use our Risk Assist Service Desk to get ask questions and get remote support with occupational health & safety issues including those relating to Coronavirus.

Find out more about the Health & Safety Competent Person Service.


Our health & safety consultants can help you work safely during the Coronavirus Pandemic.  Contact us for more information.See more Coronavirus Resources.