What Can You Achieve with Assent?

Assent provides Risk Management Services to organisations and this has many positive side-effects. What could you achieve?

Reduce or offset your Carbon Footprint
Measure, manage and Off-set your Carbon Footprint which can reduce costs and help communities.

Reduce Waste Sent to Landfill
Make landfill the last resort and embrace other avenues for the general waste stream.

Listen to Stake Holders and React
Formalise feedback from customers, suppliers and other stake holders to identify and react to potential business issues.

Reduce Accidents, Reduce Insurance
Taking a practical approach to Occupational Health & Safety to protect your people and negotiate on insurance premiums.

Smarter Procurement
Know your supply chain better through supplier audits.

Encourage Car Sharing
Help the environment and strengthen working relationships.

Give Back to the Community
Create Social Accountability Schemes that enable you to have a direct and real influence where you operate.

Improve Staff Wellbeing
Reduce absenteeism with early intervention schemes and improve employee performance.

Prepare for Business Interruption
Document and test plans for business continuity.

The list goes on……

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