Assent+ Scheme: Loyalty Scheme

Our Assent+ Scheme is a loyalty scheme designed to provide additional support and advantages to our long-standing clients, as well as building a community of organisations committed to building resilience into their work culture.


What is the Assent+ Scheme?

The main aim of this scheme is to build a culture of risk management and resilience, therefore the loyalty scheme will offer discounts on services to support members make their organisations more resilient. We will regularly provide free materials such as posters and eLearning content in order to support awareness campaigns.

Members of the scheme also have the opportunity to get involved by sharing any of their own discounts or offers –  which can be marketed out to fellow members within our Assent+ scheme via our newsletter – bringing brand awareness and business opportunity to your organisation!

This new scheme will build client relationships as well as creating a community of organisations with the same goal: building resilience in to their culture.

What do members receive when joining?

Assent+ members will receive the following:

  • A Welcome Pack consisting of a welcome letter and freebies
  • Regular discounts and offers on a range of services from Assent
  • Regular discounts and offers on a range of services from other organisations
  • Free awareness materials
  • Regular updates on Assent Risk Management
  • The opportunity to promote their organisation’s services by offering discounts to other members.

Assent + Welcome pack

Assent+ Welcome pack


How do I become a member?

Assent+ is an invitation only scheme for our clients of 2 years+ and it’s completely free of charge!

Contact us

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