Assent Launches Open Data Project

Risk Management Consultancy, Assent, commits to open data with the release of its first database and related reports for public access and reuse.

The Assent Open Data Project makes anonymous datasets publicly available under an Open Database License (ODBL), while other creative works including figures, tables and diagrams are available under a Creative Commons 4.0 license (CC4.0), enabling the sharing and adaptation of data. 

This is the first step in making data available. 

What is Open Data?

The Open Data Institute says simply:

Open data is data that’s available to everyone to access, use and share.

There are many important reasons to support Open Data, including the ability to collaborate on research projects using a more comprehensive dataset. 

We believe Open Data can drive industries forward.

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Open Data Collaboration

By taking the first steps in opening up data for our peers to analyse, we hope to foster collaborations with others who will help us build bigger and better datasets which we can all use to drive organisational risk and resilience forward. 

If your organisation is interested in contributing to the Assent Open Data Project or would like to discuss a collaboration, please contact us!

Accessing Assent Open Data

The below interactive report provides an insight to our ‘ISO Management System Internal Audit Non-Conformance’ database.  

Try it out.

Get Involved

If you would like to discuss a collaboration, or using the data please contact us.

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Robert Clements
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