Anti-Bribery Standard goes International with ISO 37001 

The increasingly popular BS 10500 Anti-Bribery Standard has progressed to International level with with release of ISO 37001 in October 2016.

20 national delegations from the five continents contributed to the development of the new ISO standard.

Annex SL and Integrated Systems

ISO 37001 is a management system standard which follows a similar structure as popular standards such as ISO 9001ISO 14001 and ISO 27001.

This makes integrating Anti-Bribery into your overall corporate governance a simple task.

ISO 37001 Certification

In addition, the new standard will also be certified by selected certification bodies, with the previous BS 10500 being phased out.

ISO 37001 is Applicable to All Organisations

In this global world of trade, it is easy to see how an anti-bribery management system cane be useful to set the moral, ethical and legal tone across territories.

However, being an ISO Management System Standard, it has been designed to be applicable to all types and sizes of organisations.

Build Trust with ISO 37001

There is no doubt, ISO 37001 will be trust with your stakeholders. If you are interested in implementing an Anti-Bribery Programme in your organisation, or want advice on achieving ISO 37001 certification, please contact us at Assent Risk Management.

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