6 Tips for Fast & Efficient ISO Implementation

Sometimes our clients are on a very tight deadline to meet the requirements of ISO standards and achieve certification.

Here are 6 tips for efficient management system implementation.

1. Be Clear on the Scope
Define and document which processes and locations are covered by the system and which aren’t. A good scope statement will save a lot of time and confusion later on.

2. Share the Work
It’s easy to become protective of your management system, but sharing the workload and getting input from other areas of the organisation is vital to success.

If the core procedures of the system are robust, everyone should be working to the same standard.

3. Meet Face to Face where Possible
Meeting face to face to discuss issues is usually best because everyone gives their full attention and understanding of the issues.

4. Choose a Good Consultant
Consultants can add value in a number of ways. They have experience of the implementation and certification process, so can answer your queries.

They also see management systems in a variety of different organisations and can advise on good practice that you might not have considered.

5. Fully Utilise the External Audits
The external audits conducted by the certification body can feel intimidating but generally auditors are looking for compliance rather than non-compliance.

While they can’t advise you, there is usually a pretty good indication as to how they feel the system could be improved.

6. Communicate Success and Failures
After all the hard work that goes in to the system it’s important to communicate its success to staff and other interested parties aft wards.

Learning from the failures can also become a positive message to the business and prevent reoccurrence.


Robert Clements
Robert Clements
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