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The internationally recognised standard for Competence Management and People Development, ISO 10015.

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ISO 10015 is an international standard that provides guidelines for developing, implementing, maintaining, and improving training processes in an organisation. Published by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), this standard focuses on enhancing the competence and performance of individuals through well-structured and effective training programs.

Key Themes of ISO 10015

Needs Assessment

The standard emphasises the importance of conducting a thorough needs assessment to identify the skills and competencies required by employees to fulfil their roles effectively.

Design and Development

ISO 10015 provides guidance on the design and development of training programs, ensuring that they align with organisational objectives and contribute to the overall improvement of performance.


The standard outlines best practices for the implementation of training programs, including methods for delivery, monitoring, and evaluation.

Evaluation and Improvement

Continuous improvement is a cornerstone of ISO 10015. The standard encourages organisations to regularly evaluate the effectiveness of their training programs and make necessary improvements based on the feedback received.

Benefits of ISO 10015

Increased Efficiency

By aligning training programs with organisational goals, ISO 10015 helps improve the efficiency of training processes, ensuring that resources are utilised effectively.

Enhanced Employee Competence

The standard’s focus on needs assessment and targeted training leads to an increase in employee competence, ultimately contributing to improved job performance.

Better Resource Utilisation

ISO 10015 provides a framework for optimising resource allocation in training, ensuring that time and resources are invested where they will have the most significant impact on organisational objectives.

Continuous Improvement Culture

Through its emphasis on regular evaluation and improvement, ISO 10015 fosters a culture of continuous learning and enhancement within the organisation.

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