ISO Certification Recovery

ISO Certification is important to many businesses as it demonstrates good governance and can be used in tenders to win new business.

However, things don’t always go to plan and sometimes your ISO Certification can be put at risk.  

Assent Risk Management occasionally come across these situations and we can help you to recover your ISO Certification.

Here are some common scenarios:

The Person Responsible for ISO has left the Business

ISO Management Systems should be embedded in the organisation to the extent that they are resilient to staff turn over.  

However, there can be cases where a key person leaves, taking knowledge of the system with them, or there becomes a resource gap in the company that makes it hard to maintain.

This can lead to lapses in the schedule for internal audit and management reviews, and the monitoring and measurement of the system can also be affected.

We’ve worked to help organisations successfully recover from this situation before.  Starting with a full internal audit is usually best, as this reviews every part of your system and highlights any weakness or non conformances.  We can then move forward to correct these and make sure that there are resources to maintain the system in the future.

A Major Non Conformance has been Raised

On rare occasions a Certification Body might raise a non-conformance that threatens your continued Certification.

This can be worrying, but we have helped organisations recover from this too.

Starting by reviewing your external audit report to understand not only the non conformance but also any other weaknesses that have been alluded to within the report.

We can then evaluate the root cause of these issues, provide guidance on corrective action, and put support in place to stop them reoccurring.

We have good relationships with the UKAS accredited Certification Bodies, so we can work together to quickly get the issue resolved.  

A big project has Diverted Resources

Sometimes a very important project comes up that can make it difficult to spend time maintaining the records required for your ISO Certification.  

While we believe ISO Management Systems do not need to be a paperwork heave, it is important to maintain evidence of compliance.

In this case we can provide temporary resources to ensure none of your ISO Management Systems activities slip during a project, and maintain ISO Certification throughout.

Continuity of the Management System during this time can also provide additional benefits to the project, as you realise the purpose of the system.

Recovering an ISO Certification

There are many other reasons an ISO Certificate might need recovering, and our Consultants can help.  

Contact us for more information on ISO Certificate Recovery.

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