The Value of Outsourcing an ISO Project

It can be an exciting time for any small business when momentum kicks in and growth plans turn to executed actions leading on a journey of success as hard work begins to pay off. If this is the case your company may benefit from establishing certain standards in the Business such as ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems.

This standard helps maintain the existing business you have by giving assurances to customers and suppliers that your company is already working with and it can also help attract new customers for sustained success. Your business should not have to deal with the additional pressures of getting ready for ISO certification on your own.

A consultancy like Assent has expert consultants who are highly experienced when it comes to guiding and preparing businesses to be ready to meet the criteria of certification. This is where the value of outsourcing comes useful.

The Outsourcing Approach 

As a small business you may have outsourced specialist areas of expertise and skills, such as accountants’ and legal professionals’ advice. This leaves you as a business owner and team time to focus on growing your product and or service to serve your customers better. It is your passion and your purpose, that’s why you love what you do.

Implementing an ISO management system should be no different. By outsourcing to an ISO consultant who is passionate and dedicated to their area of expertise in ISO implementation and internal auditing, they can guide and support you with your ISO project, so you can continue to focus on your core competencies and build your own  business in a way you best enjoy.

A consultant can answer any questions and help mitigate any risks in your planning to ease the process and deliver an industry-recognised service to you and your team.

They can build connections with your organisation’s team, and conduct practice internal audits before a certification body comes in and audit your systems.

Altogether they build confidence and transform a complicated long project into small manageable steps which your organisation will benefit from.

What makes a Competent Consultant?

Not only does a competent consultant have subject matter expertise, but they must also possess soft skills . A combination of these two when balanced correctly can make for a great consultant who can serve with a high quality work ethic. 

Having a passion for the industry a consultant works in can be a game-changer in their soft skills as well as their upskilling when it comes to their area of expertise.

Specifically speaking of ISO, an interest in business standards is a good starting point, further being able to impartially audit businesses and being a critical thinker are all good skills to acquire.

Why Choose Assent?

You may be in the process of choosing a consultancy to work with and the team of consultants at Assent are always looking for new businesses that can benefit from our services.

We build a schedule of consulting and auditing days that are spread out and can be tailored around your business needs.

Our network of consultants means we cover a wide range of standards, and certain consultants we work with specialise in niche areas.

We can provide a friendly and client-focused service.

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