ISO 22316 Consultants

Our ISO 22316 Consultants can work with you to implement the Principles, Attributes and Activities that contribute to Organisational Resilience.

As Part of the 22300 Series of standards, which focuses on Security ad Resilience, ISO 22316 can be easily integrated with other standards such as ISO 22301 for Business Continuity.

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Key Themes of ISO 22316

ISO 22316 provides a number of Attributes for organisational resilience.  Here are some we consider key to success:

Shared Vision & Clarity of Purpose

For your Organisational Resilience programme to be effective, all the relevant interested parties need to buy-in to it’s purpose.

Understanding your Context

As with Annex SL based ISO standards, understanding the context of your organisation is important to ensure the arrangements you put in-place are effective.


Providing leadership throughout the organisation is important to achieve the intending outcomes of your organisational resilience programme.

Supportive Culture

Embedding a culture of resilience within the organisation will help to ensure that as time goes on the plans and resources for the resilience system will be adapted to suit new requirements.

Sharing Knowledge

Knowledge sharing across interested parties and learning from previous experience contributes to the continual improvement of the system.


Defining the resources needed to effectively operate Organisational Resilience.

Co-Ordination of Management Disciplines

Encouraging a cross-functional approach to Organisational Resilience, which Assent will well placed to cultivate, with specialist consultants in disciplines including Information SecurityCyber SecurityHealth & SafetyEnvironmental Management and more.

Continual Improvement & Managing Change

A staple of ISO management systems, continual improvements and managing change within the system.

Resilience Across Management Disciplines

The standard references a number of management disciplines that can support the guidance of ISO 22316 including:

How our ISO 22316 Consultants can Help

We can evaluate your existing organisational resilience programme across management disciplines and advise on improvements.

Our multi-skilled ISO 22316 consultants can utilise their knowledge of other ISO standards, and work with our Risk Management team to incorporate ISO 22316 principles in to an integrated management system.

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