Phishing: Are you a target?

Cybercriminals are well versed in finding prime targets to execute their attacks – and small businesses are considered ripe for the picking. Many SMEs consider themselves to be safe since they employ a ‘security-by-obscurity’ policy – they feel like since they are not a large organisation hackers will not find them nor benefit from targeting them.

It has been discovered that only 58% of small businesses are concerned about a cyberattack. That’s a very large portion of organisations which are not defending against this very real threat. It is however rather the contrary – 43% of cyberattacks have been found to target small businesses, and this is an increasing number.

Incidentally, 91% of cyberattacks start with a spear-phishing email.  A spear-phishing email is personalised to the victim. It’s clear that this is a large problem many small businesses mistakenly neglect – shown by the fact that 48% of SMEs declared they had a data breach in 2018.

Interested in finding out how susceptible your sector and country are to phishing? OpenPhish run a very interesting Global Activity Map showing worldwide phishing activity live on screen. Click here to be taken there!

So, what else makes your business a prime target for phishing attacks?

Being a financial organisation: The amount of financial organisations targeted by phishing attacks is very large, and the amount of cyberattacks against such organisations is ever increasing. If you are handling a lot of sensitive data, be sure you will appear as a tasty meal for hungry cybercriminals.

Sales/marketing employees: Phishing scams are targeted against individuals who may not know what a phishing attack looks like – and the job role with the highest risk ratio in this regard is sales/marketing.

Senior employees likely to be untrained against phishing attacks: While attackers often target individuals who are lower down in the corporate ladder – senior employees and management are just as big a target. These employees may be targeted due to their holding of more sensitive information and the likelihood of having more access to the systems of the organisations.

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Ellis Fraser-Knight
Ellis Fraser-Knight
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