How to Promote Your ISO Certification!

After all the hard work and dedication you have put into achieving your ISO certification and improving your business, you should be maximising the benefits by promoting not just the certification itself but also how ISO Standards have helped improve your organisation.

Not sure how you can promote your ISO Certification?

Check out our ISO Marketing toolkit or contact our creative marketing team to find out the various ways you can use your certification in your marketing. 

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Why use your ISO Certification in your Marketing?

Achieving an ISO Certification takes lots of time and effort and the main focus of these certifications is to help improve your business, so there is plenty to tell your potential and existing clients about!

ISO Certification marketing can bring the real facts and figures of your success to your message, it’s marketing that is backed up by evidence. 

Ways you can Promote your ISO Certification

  • Tell followers on social media!

Posting on social media can be a great way to promote your ISO Certification to a wide audience in a short space of time. Let your audience know that you’ve achieved certification with a simple ‘We’re now ISO 27001 Certified!’ or shout out about your Improvement Objectives. 

Our creative marketing team has a suite of ISO Marketing content to help promote your ISO Certification, if you are an Assent Risk Management client, you can access some of this for free

But if you are not yet an Assent client we can still help!

Contact our creative marketing team to start promoting your ISO Certification on social media!. 

  • Post a blog about your ISO Journey

Does your organisation have a blog? Let your audience know about your dedication to risk management by posting an article on why you decided to become ISO Certified! Outline the process you went through and the improvements your company made in order to gain certification, this will allow your customers to see your company’s dedication to growth and improvement. 

Start drafting a blog with help from our Marketing Team. Contact Us

  • Add Certification marks to your website

Demonstrate your achievements to your potential clients and website visitors by displaying the ISO Certification marks on your website! You can retrieve ISO certification logos, and read the rules of using them, from your Certification Body’s website. 

By placing Certification marks at key spots on your website, you are showing current and potential clients that you are certified by a governing body, enhancing the authenticity of your Certification. 

Contact our marketing team for help using Certification Marks correctly and how to effectively place them on your website! 

  • Set up an area on your website talking about your objectives

Whatever your objective is for achieving ISO Certification, share it on your website! Creating an area on your website to discuss your improvement objectives is a great way to build trust with website visitors.

For example, if you achieved ISO 27001 certification, you can talk about how you protect your customers’ personal identifiable information. Or, if you achieved ISO 9001 certification, you could talk about how you provide customers with the highest quality products and services.

And all these commitments can be backed up by the measurable evidence that you already have as part of your management system.

Contact our team to help you maximise the benefits of your management system.

  • Let us write a case study – all we need is a short quote!

We love to show off our clients’ ISO Certification success with a Case Study! All you need to do is provide us with some feedback and a high resolution version of your logo and we’ll do the rest! 

Not only are our case studies on our website, they’re also shared across our social media platforms!

Contact us to get your case study started! 
Not a client?  We can interview you and your team to write a case study about how ISO has benefited your company. 

  • Add the Certification marks to your email signature

Add to your credibility by adding Certification marks to your email signature. After all, emails are the main method of communication for most businesses, meaning a wide audience will acknowledge your ISO Certification. This also assures customers, partners and suppliers that they’re doing business with a structured and resilient organisation!

Contact us to find out where to access your Certification Bodies Certification marks.

  • Certificate Presentation Ceremonies

Several Certification Bodies offer a presentation ceremony at their head office. Not only does having a ceremony give you the opportunity to celebrate your achievements, but it is a great opportunity to capture some marketing material.

Assent has contacts at all the major certification bodies and our marketing team can organise a presentation ceremony and help you maximise the marketing benefits. Contact us 

Assent’s ISO Marketing Services

We also offer an entire range of Marketing Services, from our ISO Marketing Toolkit to our Premium Marketing Content. 

Assent clients can benefit from some parts of our package free as part of the implementation of your project, with premium content available upon purchase. 

Not an Assent client? You can purchase our Marketing Toolkit and Premium Content Package by contacting us

To find out more about our ISO Marketing Services, speak to a member of our dedicated creative marketing team today. 

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