How much does ISO 22301 Certification Cost?

More and more organisations are implementing the Business Continuity standard ISO 22301 driven by contractual requirements and a general desire to make their operations more resilient.

In most cases the decision to move ahead with ISO 22301 is based on value – will you get commercial benefits from the investment you make?

The cost of ISO 22301 Certification varies depending on factors such as:

Defining your BCMS Scope

Business Continuity Management Systems can be applied to the whole organisation or a particular site, product or service.

Sometimes limiting the scope can make things unnecessarily complicated, but it’s important to first identify your business continuity minimum objectives at a strategic level.

The scope of the ISO 22301 BCMS will have a direct impact on the consultancy and certification costs, which are usually based on time. 

The Cost of ISO 22301 Implementation

Whether you have the resources to implement ISO 22301 in-house, or choose to use the services of an ISO 22301 Consultant like Assent, there will be costs involved.

The cost of an in-house implementation may include:

  • Paying for ISO 22301 training,
  • Time out of the business to prepare documentation,
  • Training a minimum of two internal auditors (for impartiality)
  • Time out of the business to manage the certification audits.

Whereas, when using an ISO 22301 Consultant costs are generally based on a number of days consultancy time which will cover:

  • Producing necessary documentation for your approval,
  • Training and Awareness materials for the business,
  • Conducting internal audits,
  • Managing external certification audits.

The Cost of ISO 22301 Certification

At Assent we recommend using UKAS Accredited ISO Certification Bodies.  

There are many accredited certification bodies around. Their approach and costs vary, so it is worth taking time to choose the right fit for your organisation.

However, the UKAS ISO 22301 certification scheme, like all management system schemes, follows a two stage certification process.

  1. Stage 1: Documentation Check
  2. Stage 2: Evidence Based Audit.

Both stages must be completed and the cost is generally related to the number of days required, which in turn is related to the scope of your BCMS.

In addition, some certification bodies will also include management fees, travel and other costs.


Choosing the Right ISO 22301 Certification Body

There is some competition in the ISO 22301 Certification marketplace.

When choosing a certification body to work with consider the following:

  • Are they UKAS Accredited for ISO 22301?
  • Is their brand recognised in your industry?
  • Do they have auditors and offices close to your location(s)?
  • Do they cover other standards that you may implement in the future?

Understand the Full ISO 22301 Certification Costs

Assent Risk Management can help you understand the full ISO 22301 Certification costs by scoping the management system, planning the project and going to the certification body market for you.

We can produce a full costing of your project and our ISO 22301 consultants can guide you through the whole process including drafting documents, coordinating non-disruptive tests, handling the internal audits and supporting the external audits.

Contact us to get started with ISO 22301!

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Robert Clements
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