CG Fry & Son, Contracting Team Achieve ISO 9001 Certification

CG Fry & Son Ltd is a highly experienced and reputable building contractor operating in the southwest of England from its offices near Dorchester and Taunton.

Quality Management to ISO 9001:2015

CG Fry & Son Ltd approached Assent in November 2020 with a vision to achieve ISO 9001 certification through its current in house quality management system.

Driving Improvement

The company has set a number of objectives throughout the organisation, covering the areas of customer experience, sustainability, health & safety and finance.

Certification Success!

We were extremely impressed to see CG Fry & Son Ltd pass their stage 2 audit and achieve certification with zero non-conformites in May 2022 with ISOQAR.

The Assent team are proud to have helped CG Fry & Son Ltd gain certification and look forward to possibly working with them on future projects!

Consultant Comment

Simon Unsworth from Assent said:

“Implementing ISO 9001 can be challenging when you have a very large range of complex services that you offer like those that CG Fry offers to customers.  Especially when you throw the challenges of COVID and lockdowns into the mix.  However, working alongside Natalie and Sarah to support them with this project and achieve accreditation has been a pleasure. It was made straightforward from start to finish, thanks to their dedication and work ethic”

Client Comment

CG Fry & Son Ltd said:

Many thanks to Simon from Assent for helping us achieve our ISO 9001 accreditation, he was brilliant from the outset.  Simon was thorough and made sure our existing procedures were not gone to waste and implemented them into an excellent, usable system for the company.  He made our ISO journey a lot less daunting, was supportive throughout and even encouraging during the external audits.  Thank you Simon, we couldn’t of done it without you!

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