Assent Christmas Charity 2022

Our team took a vote and chose to support WWF-UK again this year.  
Not only does our team LOVE  animals and wildlife in general (who doesn’t love a Panda or an Orangutang!) but they also recognise how much work WWF do in supporting the natural world and fighting against climate change. 
As a company we have been driven to do the right thing when it comes to saving our planet –  tracking our carbon footprint, offsetting that with the Ecologi scheme and supporting the much needed planting of trees, as well as supporting The Essex Wildlife Trust so WWF-UK seemed a natural fit when it came to choosing which charity to support over the Christmas period. 
The Assent office team did lots to raise money this year – with chocolate and home-made gift raffles, Christmas jumper competitions, world cup sweepstakes and 10k runs, Jess should get a special mention here  as she ran 50k in 5 days!  

A total of £339 was raised across the team and we thank all who took part and donated to the cause! 

Donna Clements
Donna Clements
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