What is ISO 45001:2023 & Do I need to Transition?

An eagle-eyed colleague on LinkedIn recently noticed an unexpected new version of ISO 45001 the international standard for an Occupational Health & Safety Management System.

The current version is ISO 45001:2018 however a newer version, ISO 45001:2023 suddenly appeared only.  

So we looked into what this new standard is and how it affects existing ISO 45001 certificates!

Why is there a 2023 Edition of ISO 45001?

On further investigation, it appears the 2023 is nothing but a small change to the title of the standard as sold by BSI.   There are NO changes to the content or clauses for the standard compared with ISO 45001:2018.

It’s difficult to find any information about the change, however the BSI Shop states “This standard has been adopted and is now recognised in Europe by CEN.”

CEN being the European Committee for Standardization.

Therefore the title changes from: BS ISO 45001:2023 to BS EN ISO 45001:2023.

Do I need to Change my ISO 45001 Certificate?

There are no changes to  the requirements of ISO 45001 and ISO Certification Bodies will continue to certify against ISO 45001:2018 which remains current.

When Will ISO 45001 Next be Updated?

ISO standards are reviewed every 5-years, to ensure they remain up-to-date and relevant.   However this does not necessarily mean that a standard will be updated when it is reviewed.

If a decision to update the standard is taken at the review it can then take some considerable time to publish an updated version.  

For example in the case of:

Certification bodies usually proved a 3-year transition window giving you plenty of time to make the transition to a new version of a standard.

How Can I Get ISO 45001 Certified?

ISO 45001 is a highly regarded international standard that can support your organisation’s health & safety culture.  

Achieving independent ISO 45001 Certification demonstrates your commitment to keeping your staff, customers and the public safe.

Engaging an expert ISO Consultant such as Assent Risk Management is a good place to start!

We can offer:

  • an initial gap analysis to evaluate your current arrangements against the requirements of the standard,
  • an implementation project to ensure you have all the documentation, policies, processes and procedures you need to operate the management system,
  • Internal Audits to impartially assess the effectiveness of your ISO 45001 Management System,

Guidance and support during the ISO 45001 Certification Process.

Robert Clements
Robert Clements
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