The Walbrook AI Accord puts ISO 42001 on the Agenda

The “Walbrook AI Accord” has been codified at the TIC Council AI Summit on the 14th May 2024 with the primary focus to facilitate three tangible outcomes:

  • Advocating for the adoption of Quality Infrastructure for AI assurance;
  • Developing assurance standards and methodologies; and
  • Facilitating training and skill development for AI assurance professionals

The Lord Mayor of the City of London, who has established the Walbrook AI Accord, has been actively promoting the use of ISO 42001, the international standard for an AI management system.

ISO 42001 provides a structured framework for managing the development and use of A.I systems in an ethical way.  The standard includes a requirement to consider the impact of A.I on individuals, groups of individuals and societies.

It also benefits from following the same common clause structure as other management systems standards such as ISO 27001, which means management systems can be integrated.

The Walbrook AI Accord comes as many nations are moving to regulate Artificial Intelligence in order to manage its potential impacts and threats.  
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Through collaboration with TIC Council, IIOA, IQNET, ISO, and IAF, its hoped the accord will drive forward international standards.

ISO 42001 Certification Progress

As of May 2024, when this blog was written, there is no Accredited ISO 42001 Certification scheme, however UKAS has already announced a pilot programme, and with increased interest in the standard, it’s looking positive that we will see an accredited certification scheme soon.  It should also be noted the ISO/IEC 42006 “requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of artificial intelligence management systems” is in development. 
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Adopt ISO 42001 Early

Although there is no accredited certification scheme available yet, organisations can get ahead by implementing the ISO 42001 AI Management System now!

Assent’s consultants have broken down the standard clause-by-clause, and developed a good understanding of requirements.  

We are looking for early adopters to work through implementation projects with us.  Contact us to discuss the opportunities!

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