ISO 45001 the Interesting bits “abridged”

ISO 45001:2018 is an Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) which is going to supersede ISO 18001 in the next 2-3 years.

ISO 45001 is an international standard that is globally agreed/recognised as the same as 14001 & 9001, which use the same file system. It can be used for any size organisation, as the standard is just a frame work, that any organisation/business can use to create their OHSMS.

The ISO 45001 has a holistic approach that incorporates all peoples within the scope of the business from “top to bottom, bottom to top”. The business shall show/prove there is a positive, collaborative culture, that promotes a strong safety presence within the work place.

The Business shall as a part of its ongoing strategy, continue to reduce the risk of harm to “all” people within the scope of the organisation/business.

So: The basic requirement of ISO 45001 is that the “organisation/business provide a safe & healthy place for all to work. The way this is done is to prevent work-related injury and/or ill health. To have less injury’s/ill health there needs to be senior management involvement so there is understanding of the issues with workers involvement. A: Top down, bottom up system.

Any organisation/business can implement ISO 45001:
This will if followed, provide a system of management that will eliminate hazards and minimise OH&S risks, understand the deficiencies within the system and take advantage of opportunities, also addressing nonconformities associated with all its activities.

ISO 45001 is there to help the organisation/business to attain the intended outcomes from its OH&S management system, which should be fewer Injury’s & ill health over the coming years, decades. This vision should be the collective vision of all the people at the organisation without exception, Top-Down/Bottom-up.


Is ISO 45001 hard to incorporate in my work place?

All things in life that are worth having, can be challenging. However, when put into logical steps, making sure each step is understood before moving on, the whole process can be easier to follow and therefore understand. This enables the company to more smoothly achieve their ISO 45001 accreditation. Senior Management must be present at the work place exercises. ISO 45001 needs full management input and if audited senior managements “shall” be required on the first day of any audit. As for your systems in place, you probably already have most of the paperwork, it may need some organisation, but that will come with the understanding.


Peter M Bushnell Dip NEBOSH Grad IOSH  

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Peter Bushnell
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