Integrating ISO 31030 Travel Risks with ISO 45001

ISO 31030 is the international standard for Travel Risk Management, and while its guidelines can be implemented through a stand alone risk process, any organisation can get more benefits by integrating it with ISO 45001 for Occupational Health & Safety across their organisation.

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Here we discuss some of the key considerations and benefits.

Expanding Your Risk Methodology

Health & Safety legislation, and good practice in general, requires organisations to reduce the risks to their employees and other parties who could be harmed through the operation of their organisational activities.

So, most organisations will already have an occupational health and safety risk register that identifies hazards such as using Display Screens (DSE Regulations), Manual Handling, Lifting, Electricity at Work and so on.

An ISO 45001 management system provides a framework for identifying and managing those hazards.  It helps to embed a good safety culture throughout the organisation and include the participation of workers.

ISO 31030 provides additional risk considerations for travellers.  So if your organisation is responsible for arranging travel, accommodation and other services for employees who are away from their usual place of work, you can manage travel risks within your occupational framework. 

Worker Participation

The participation of workers in building a safety culture is a key theme of the ISO 45001 standard and this can be achieved in several ways including regular health & safety committee meetings.

Travel risk is a vast subject so it is unlikely most organisations will have a dedicated travel risk committee, but corporate travel can have a significant impact on an employee’s personal life and wellbeing, so it is important to include workers when establishing your travel risk policy and setting your tolerable levels of travel risks; perhaps via existing occupational H&S committees.

Establishing a Travel Risk Policy

ISO 31030 can help you establish a comprehensive travel risk policy which can stand alone or be incorporated as part of an employee or safety handbook.

The Travel Risk Policy is an important cornerstone of your risk management programme as it sets out your organisation’s approach for both travel bookers and travelers. 

However the policy should be kept under continual review so it can be adapted to local and global changes affecting travellers.

Adding ISO 31030 to Your Certification Scope

As a guidance standard, it is difficult for ISO Certification Bodies to certify ISO 31030 in its own right and it should firstly be considered an enhancement to existing risk frameworks including the principles of ISO 31000.

However some certification bodies may be prepared to extend the scope of an ISO 45001 certification to reference the additional travel risk standard. 

Ready to Manage Travel Risks with ISO 31030?

Assent’s consultants can help you manage travel risks using ISO 31030 and ISO 45001.  

The standards can be applied to any organisation that asks their people to travel, including travel management companies, private and public organisations, charities and government organisations.

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