Complex Email Passwords Prove Vital

As malicious attacks increase, Assent is highlighting the need for complex passwords on all of your Internet accounts, particularly your email address.

The Risks.
A vast amount of private information can be found on email accounts and other Internet based systems: not all of it yours. Every communication and link reveals personal data that could lead to a security incident or even prosecution.

However it’s not always your information ‘they’ are after. Spammers are constantly trying to ‘hack’ genuine email accounts in order to send unsolicited emails or messages via an unrestricted account. This can often lead to the blacklisting of your email address, mail server and/or Internet connection.

Using complex passwords is a good place to start. Complex password include a mixture of upper and lower case characters, numbers and special characters such as @ % or *.

Regularly changing your password, without repeating them, is also recommended.

Be sensible with your password and remember to log out when you have finished with your account.

Need Help?
We recommend all of our clients change their passwords, using something complex.
Contact your email provider if you need assistance changing your password.


Robert Clements
Robert Clements
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