BS 9997 Consultants

Fire Risk Management Systems to BS 9997

Our BS 9997 Consultants can help you establish a structured approach to fire risk management, and comply with UK legal requirements.

Previously PAS 7, BS 9997 sets out the requirements for Fire Risk Management Systems (FRMS) which can be applied to any premises.

BS 9997

Fire Safety Legislation

There are a number of legal obligations placed on people deemed as “responsible” for a workplace or commercial building, including a requirement to conduct Fire Risk Assessments and communicate the results to4 those who might be affected.
Assent’s health & safety consultants can help you comply with these requirements.

Benefits of BS 9997

  • Structure Management System,
  • Certification Available.
  • Integrates with other Standards,
  • Supports Legal Compliance,

Key Themes of BS 9997

Fire Risk Assessment

Also a legal requirement, BS 9997 sets out requirements for fire risk assessment.

FRMS Objectives

As with any management system standard, improvement objectives should be established.

Maintenance & Testing

Ensuring fire safety equipment remains effective, maintenance and testing arrangements should be formalised.

Emergency Planning

Fire evacuation procedures and emergency plans should be established and kept up-to-date. 

Integrating BS 9997 with Other Standards

The BS 9997 standard follows the same Annex SL high-level clause structure that all modern management systems have adopted.
This means the requirements of BS 9997 can easily be integrated in to other management systems including ISO 45001 for occupational health & safety or ISO 9001 for quality management.

BS 9997 Certification

There are some UK certification bodies offering BS 9997 Certification as a stand-alone standard or as an extension to other management systems.

Assent’s consultants can guide you through the BS 9997 Certification process and help you achieve a successful outcome.